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Combo Pack English Books Set-5

Books In The Set : Pratikraman: Freedom Through Apology and Repentance, The Science Of Karma and Right Understanding To Help Others : Benevolence



Pratikraman: Freedom Through Apology & Repentance

Every human being makes mistakes. But how can we become free from our countless faults? The Tirthankars (absolutely enlightened Lords) and the Gnanis (the awakened Ones) have given this world the only weapon to destroy our faults, and that weapon is the three step spiritual science of alochana, pratikraman and pratyakhan (alochana – to confess one’s mistake; pratikraman – to ask for forgiveness; pratyakhyan – firm resolve and determination never to repeat the mistake).

The Science Of Karma

What is karma? Can good karma neutralize bad karma? Why do good people suffer?  What can one do to prevent the creation of karma? Who is bound by karma, the body or the soul? Do we die when we finish our karma? The whole world is governed by the law of karma. Absolutely Revered Dadashri says that you are wholly and solely responsible for your life. No one else can interfere in that. The science of karma has been revealed in this book, exactly as it is.

Right Understanding To Help Others

When one uses his mind, speech and body to serve others, he will never be short of material comforts and worldly happiness. Religion begins with an obliging nature. Happiness begins from the moment you do something for others. Absolutely Revered Dadashri’s main goal in life was to give happiness to everyone who met him. He never thought about his own happiness. He was always looking for ways to eliminate other people's miseries.

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