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Combo Pack English Books Set-1

Books In The Set : Adjust Everywhere, Avoid Clashes, Who Am I?, Fault Is Of The Sufferer and Whatever Has Happened Is Justice



Adjust Everywhere

Absolutely Revered Dadashri has revealed 'ADJUST EVERYWHERE' as the ultimate understanding to help cope with the constantly changing circumstances and prevent conflicts, resulting in peace and happiness. This simple yet powerful phrase has the power to change your life.

Avoid Clashes

Learn what types of conflicts occur, why they occur and how to avoid them. A conflict free life will result in peace and joy and help anchor you on the path of spirituality.

Who Am I?

There is more to life than just living. There has to be more to life than to just live. There should be a higher purpose in life. The purpose of life is to come to the real answer of ‘Who am I?’ This is the unanswered question of infinite previous lives. The missing links of the search for ‘Who am I?’ are now being provided through the words of the Gnani Purush (The Self-Realized One).

Fault Is Of The Sufferer

When we have to endure suffering through no apparent fault of our own, we feel puzzled and we repeatedly ask the question, Why me? We tend to accuse other people. Who is really at fault? Is it the fault of the robber or the one who was robbed? Absolutely Revered Dadashri says that if you want to know who is at fault in this world, find the one who suffers.

Whatever Has Happened Is Justice

If you say that whatever has happened is justice, you will remain without any questions. People, however, are out to look for justice and desire liberation as well. This is a contradiction. You cannot have both. Where questions end, liberation begins. Absolutely Revered Dadashri has given the extraordinary discovery to the world that there is never any injustice in this world. Nature has never deviated from justice.

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