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Combo Pack English Books Set-2

Books In The Set : Worries, Anger, Noble Use Of Money and Non-Violence

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Work gets spoiled due to worries. This is the law of nature. Freedom from worries improves work. Laborers do not worry and they sleep well, while their bosses have to take sleeping pills. What are worries? Thoughts are not a problem. When one gets emotionally embroiled in thoughts, worries start. One can be free from worries by understanding who the real doer is in this world.


We become angry when things don’t go our way, when other people don’t understand us, when there is a difference of viewpoint or when we are accused of being wrong when we believe that we are right. Anger is like a fire. It burns us and those around us. It damages our relationships with the people who love us the most. How can we avoid getting angry? How can we deal with angry people? When a machine gets too hot, we have to leave it alone and let it cool down. If we keep meddling with it, we will get burnt.

Noble Use Of Money

When you give happiness to others, you will get happiness in return. Despite giving away something of your own, you feel good because you have helped someone else. When can you experience unending happiness? When you let go of the one thing in this world that you love the most. In worldly matters, what is that? Money. People have excessive affection for money. Just let it go and let it flow. Only then will you find that the more you give, the more you will receive.


The killing of animals, insects and smaller life-forms is called effect violence. And to inflict mental anguish on others or to become angry with others is intent-violence. In fact, true violence is really anger, pride, attachment and greed. Learn more about violence and non-violence, from the gross to the subtlest levels as exposed by the Gnani Purush (The Self-Realized One) himself. 

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