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Combo Pack English Books Set-6

Books In The Set : The Guru and the Disciple, Truth and Untruth, Flawless Vision and Life without Conflict



The Guru and The Disciple

The worldly life is full of relationships, including the one between a guru and a disciple. It is a relationship in which, after surrendering to the guru, the disciple remains sincere to him and abides by his instructions, eventually attaining his blessings and spiritual energies. This book puts forth a beautiful description of what constitutes an ideal guru as well as an ideal disciple. This book also explains the difference between a guru, a satguru (saint) and a Gnani (the awakened One).

Truth and Untruth

A lot of people struggle to understand what truth is and what it is not. According to Absolutely Revered Dadashri, in the worldly life there are three types of truth. Absolute truth, relative truth and untruth. This book provides the exact explanation of each of these. Absolute truth can never be destroyed, it is eternal. Whereas relative truth is what is determined by people at large. It may vary from person to person.

The Flawless Vision

The Gnani (the awakened One) sees the world as being flawless. He knows that everything that happens in the world is a discharge of what was charged earlier. He knows that the world is not to be blamed. It is simply a reflection of our own design. All the faults that we see are our own. In this book, Absolutely Revered Dadashri provides the understanding, technique and importance of acquiring and maintaining this flawless vision.

Life Without Conflict

As much as we would prefer otherwise, conflict seem to be woven into the very fabric of life. On a daily basis, we find ourselves dealing with difficult people, facing unhealthy relationships, or suffering marriage problems. We might even say that some of our relationships are the very definition of conflict! In this book, Absolutely Revered Dadashri offers the ultimate ‘keys’ to conflict resolution in the context of everyday examples.

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