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Who will be my friend ?

Childhood means the world of friends. Actually, you can say that the friends are the world! Little Rahul is in search of friends with conditions in his mind. And not just one, but Oh! So many conditions! ‘WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?’ is a story about the journey of little Rahul as he overcomes his own preconceived notions in order to make the kind of friends he wants. Friendship will only survive if we don’t see negative in our friends and if it happens, then we should ask for forgiveness and also pray for the person from the bottom of our heart. Read the book to discover how Rahul becomes an ideal friend in order to make good friends.



Who would not like to have friends? If you want the friendship to last then friends have to mutually take adjustments. They have to let go of the things that they dislike about each other. We should not do anything with our friends that we ourselves do not like, only then will we be able to make a move towards being a good friend and ultimately will find one. Rahul, in the story book ‘WHO WILL BE MY FRIEND?’ has preset conditions in his mind of what a good friend is like and decides to make a first move towards being like that in order to make good friends. Do you want to know if he found a good friend? Yes, he did... but who, when, and how many friends did he make? Read for yourself and imbibe the message revealed by Rahul on his journey of finding a good friend. As you read along in the book you will find the secrets of being a good friend and also get to read what Param Pujya Dadashri revealed about what friends should be like. So don’t miss out on this little colourful picture book made for tiny tots!

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