• Picture of Dada Bhagwan Part - 4

Dada Bhagwan Part - 4

It is a pictorial story of real incidents in the life of Ambalalbhai Patel who later came to be well known as Dada Bhagwan. In this part we see many inspiring incidents from his married life and business dealings.



Dada Bhagwan was an outstanding atma gnani of the modern age. He used the scientific approach of analysing the events of daily life. He adopted an amazing way of solving world's puzzle by asking logical questions to himself and contemplating on them. Events that happen in gnani's life are no different than ours, however, there is a big difference in the way in which we deal with certain situations and how the gnani concludes them. His life's episodes will inspire one and all to give beautiful direction for learning the art of living. An attempt has been made to present the episodes from Dada Bhagwan's life in  a pictorial manner in a way that's as close to his own narration of his life as possible. In this book, many inspiring incidents of his personal and professional life give us insight of his inquistive nature and finding solutions to any confusions that arose, in a simple way without  hurting anyone.

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