• Picture of Trimantra(Os Três Mantras)

Trimantra(Os Três Mantras)

People quarrel about what is ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ in religion. To keep such quarrels at bay, there is the Trimantra.

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When one understands the fundamental meaning of the Trimantra (auspicious prayer), one would realize that it is not a mantra exclusive for any one religion, or sect or division of a religion. The obeisance in the Trimantra is offered to all beings of supreme awareness starting from those who have attained Self-Realization to those who have attained absolute Knowledge and also those who have attained final liberation, moksha. Through such obeisance, one’s life’s obstacles are removed; one finds peace amidst difficulties and begins to build a goal towards moksha. The Gnani Purush, Dadashri (master of spiritual science) has given us the Trimantra. This mantra is completely impartial. He asks us to recite it five times with full awareness every morning and night. Doing this will make your worldly activities peaceful. If you have a lot of problems, then you should recite it for an hour; you will find that the burden of your difficulties is significantly reduced. This mantra has the power to subdue all difficulties. It can make a mountain appear like a molehill! Param Pujya Dadashri explains how this mantra uplifts those who recite it with the correct understanding. Recite it yourself and experience how your difficulties will reduce significantly!

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