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Paiso Ka Vyvahar (Bengali)

Have you ever wondered 'why some people have money and some don't?', 'what is the relationship between money and spirituality? Ethics is the essence of worldly dealings.



If you are ethical but do not have lot of money, you will still have peace of mind and if you are unethical but have a lot of money, you will be miserable. 'Religion must exist in business but business must never exist in religion', is the fundamental ethics in business and spiritual practices. In his enlightenment, which was a culmination of experiences of many previous lives, Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) has the ultimate knowledge of all financial interactions that take place in the world. He has knowledge of about the coming and going of money, profit-loss, the hidden principles that govern what a person leaves behind or takes with him when he dies and all principles guiding the slightest dealings with money. These experiences of his life, which have flowed through the medium of his speech, have been compiled in this book. It is our sincere hope that the reader finds this helpful in his efforts to live a life of purity and bliss.

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