• Picture of Paap Punya ( Punjabi)

Paap Punya ( Punjabi)

The concept of paap (demerit karma) ) - punya (merit karma) has been discussed at length by Gnani Purush (the enlightened one) Param Pujya Dadashri in this book.



Dadashri has described the concept of ‘paap-punya’ in simple words as giving happiness to others we incur punya and giving trouble anyone, hurting anyone by our words, deeds or behaviour, we incur paap. However, if we do pratikraman (whole hearted repentance) we can get rid of paap and bind punya. What is the detailed meaning of paap-punya? How is it related to incarnation? What are the results of paap-punya? How does one have to face the consequences of paap-punya? What are the types of paap-punya? What role paap-punya plays in the path to Moksha? Can Punya give us liberation? All these have been revealed by Param Pujya Dadashri in this book on Paap-Punya. Such reading will definitely help readers increase their awareness about paap-punya which will help answer many puzzles in life and get them closer to Moksha.

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