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  • Picture of Mrutyu Samay: Death : Before, During & After (In Telugu)

Mrutyu Samay: Death : Before, During & After (In Telugu)

Many people have fear of death. Death makes people melancholy and they sink into misery. Everyone has to witness death at some point in time during his or her life. During such a time hundreds of questions regarding the true nature of death may arise in a person’s mind.



When he does not find any answers, he becomes perplexed. What is death? What happens in the dying process? What happens after death? Who can talk about the experience of death? The dead cannot speak of their experiences. Those who are born do not have knowledge of their prior existence. No one knows what happens before birth and after death. Is reincarnation true? How can reincarnation be supported without the belief in the Soul? Param Pujya Dadashri(master of spiritual science), through his Gnan (knowledge of the self-realization), has exposed all the mysteries of death exactly as they are. He scientifically explains reincarnation, cycle of birth and death, bondage of karma and gives us the ultimate master keys to break these bondages and liberate our self. When you understand the nature of the Soul, all puzzles are solved. First realize the Soul, and then all puzzles will be solved. One can achieve a state which is free from birth and death through clarification of all mysteries of life and death. Such facts are to be found in this booklet and it will benefit the reader from worldly and spiritual aspects.

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