• Picture of Atmabodh (Bengali)

Atmabodh (Bengali)

In this compilation, the truly manifested Gnani Purush, has revealed the real philosophy related to the Soul and other elements.



Questions ranging from, doubts about the existence of Soul, What is Soul, description of Soul, Functions of Soul, What is birth and death, Who dies and who is reborn, What is karma, What are the four life forms, How are they achieved, What is moksha, Where do the absolute liberated Souls reside, and many such questions have been resolved here. Param Pujya Dadashri has seen through his Gnan, the exact form of soul, and he has seen, known and experienced the exactness of this world. This knowledge, that was obtained through his divine speech, has been compiled here, which shall be very helpful to the ones treading on the path of spirituality.

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