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You are the Self, and the Self is capable of illuminating the whole universe.

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You are the Self, and the Self is capable of illuminating the whole universe. As the Self, one has infinite energy (anant shakti). And yet; all the helplessness, suffering, pain and insecurity, is experienced by the Self. How contradictory is this! What is the reason for it? One is not aware of the Self (swaroop), the energy (shakti), the realm (satta) of the Self. Once the Self becomes awakened (jagrut); there will be a sense of ownership of the entire universe. What the world commonly calls as awareness, the Gnani calls as sleep. The whole world is entrapped in bhaavnindra (asleep to the Self). The lack of awareness, as to what is beneficial and what is harmful in this world and in the world hereafter; anger, pride, deceit, greed, divisiveness due to differences of opinions, worries, - all these are perpetuated because of the prevailing bhaavnindra. The one who has the awareness that ‘I am aware’ is only the inanimate (non-Self) part. The Self is completely separate from that. The one who knows the science of the Soul becomes free from life-after- life wandering (jivanmukta freedom while living). In this publication, Param Pujya Dadashri (who is the master of spiritual science) has shared his knowledge about how to be aware of the Self, dhyan (meditation), destiny and free will, scorn and contempt, worldly religion of the Self, the goal of liberation, the science of karmas, etc. Such reading will increase the awareness of those in search of the true meaning of the Self and take them ahead on the path of liberation.

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