• Picture of Antahkaran Ka Swaroop (In Punjabi)

Antahkaran Ka Swaroop (In Punjabi)

The antahakaran has four parts: the mind, intellect, chit, and the ego. What is the Mind?



The mind is made up of nodes. In the previous birth, due to ignorance, anything that we had attachment or abhorrence with, their atoms (parmanu) collect together and become a node. The node, when it comes into action in this birth, is known as a thought. When a thought comes, the ego gets completely involved in it. The second part of the antahakaran is the chit. The nature of chit is to wander. The chit keeps wandering in search of happiness. But since all this worldly happiness is temporary, therefore there never comes an end to its search. After attaining the bliss of Soul, its wandering finally ends. Only the Gnani Purush is the one who remains separate from His antahakaran. By residing in their Soul, they can describe its exactness. In this book, Param Pujya Dadashri has given a beautiful and a clear description of the antahakaran.

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