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Akram Youth (English)

A fun-filled monthly magazine with a blend of spiritual & relative sciences, aiding today’s teenagers & youth to strike a perfect mental balance. It is full of moral, spiritual & scientific understanding giving food for the soul along with activities like puzzles, riddles, jokes & experiences that show the lighter side of life giving food for the mind, thereby developing peace & harmony.

If you face any issues on not receiving the Magazine within the requested time please SMS your Name, Member ID and your address on the following number +91815007500.

Akram Youth is a spiritual quarterly magazine published by Dada Bhagwan Foundation. Physical and emotional changes, social stress, tension of exams…all add up in the adolescence.

Akram Youth is a friend to them supporting them in their joy and sorrows. It shows them Dadashri's small spiritual experiments which can easily be applied in their daily lives. it moulds their minds, nurtures good values and keeps them away from bad habits.

It contains plenty of cool information about great people in the world, cool information, practical advice and lots of fun. Last but not the least; it also helps parents in raising their teen child.

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