Akram Express (English)
Akram Express is a monthly magazine for children published by Dada Bhagwan Foundation. The content is designed in such a way that the child's mind is moulded and teaches him to always be positive in life and face situations boldly. This magazine contains moral stories inculcating good values in children. It illustrates life stories of great people, their successes and failures, fiction stories, creative activities, experiments and shares some golden moments with Pujya Niruma. Our mission is to promote learning through reading and fun where children learn how to behave in society, treat parents, teachers and elders with respect and become a good human being. Akram Express inculcates spiritual temper, fosters reasoning and application behind the observed day-to-day natural phenomena that ignites a spark of curiosity and creativity at an early age.

If you face any issues on not receiving the Magazine within the requested time please SMS your Name, Member ID and your address on the following number +91815007500.

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